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I am currently bored. My brother is playing on the xbox and I'm on my netbook editing my journal and trying to find something interesting to do. Right now I should be reading my book but I am that good at procrastinating that I don't even feel that guilty since at least I am writing something. This counts as somewhat productive to me. Plus I love typing on this keyboard :D

I looked at my journal entries just now and find it funny that my first blog was just me moaning about stuff. I think I may have some other things to talk about now. But moaning is good. I do it a lot, it feels good when you can moan to someone who can relate to you; and even better when they moan too. This is what a lot of my school mornings consist of. The morning is the best time to moan. Something annoying me right now is that all the really comfy relaxed positions I sit with my netbook are blocking the vent!

Well today I achieved something at least. My friend who is into photography a bit too called and got me to go out to the river for a walk with our cameras. So me, him and another of our friends were out for a few hours earlier in the bitter cold looking for some interesting places. I'm going to look at my photos before I end this entry and maybe post one if I can find one good enough :) I'm trying to look at photography a bit differently when I'm out and have my photographic eyes open where I'm constantly trying to work out how and what will make a good photo. I love landscapes and scenic places as I'm into environmental photography more than anything else at the moment. I'd really like to get into other kinds of photography. I like to think I'm fairly open-minded and that I can appreciate different styles. deviantART is a brilliant site to inspire me where I can look at all kinds of different photography and share my own work.

My deaviantART page: http://kriisy.deviantart.com/

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