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krisdean's Journal

I consider myself to be friendly (although shy) and helpful. I think I'm modest and tactful and very aware of how people perceive me and how I come across to people. I love giving advice and helping people. I am a perfectionist. I'm tidy and organised. I probably sound so boring right now! I love to laugh and I'm quite easily amused which I think is a good thing. I don't know if I'd say I'm ambitious but there are definitely a lot of things I want to do and places I want to go and things I want to see.

I was born in Kingsburgh near Durban in South Africa. My parents where born there also; in
South Africa and Zimbabwe. They both apparantly have strong accents which I can't hear but wish I had too. (I'm contemplating putting one on and trying to get it to stick!) I moved to England when I was four so I don't have many memories of living in South Africa which kind of sucks. I always get asked would I go back? I think it would be nice to go and see my old house and see where I used to live but I don't know if it will ever be possible.

I am 18 years old. I have a younger brother who is 16 this year. I study music, English Literature and biology in sixth form. I will be doing photography at university locally in the next few years. I have an amazing boyfriend who I haven't been with for very long yet but we share our main hobby in common: photography. I haven't had a lot of relationships; let alone serious relationships but my life is pretty perfect right now and I can't complain :)

My main hobbies are photography, listening to and playing music, making jewellery and hanging out with my friends (as well as gaming of course, that's a given!) I mainly do landscape and nature photography because when I started exploring with my camera this is what was most available to me. I play the drums and have been for about 4 years. I have my own drumkit and I've had lessons in the past. I've also been playing the flute on and off for 10, almost 11 years. So I enjoy the odd bit of classical music just as much as any rock and metal I listen to. I think I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music and different styles of things. My preferred gaming system is xBox.

I make a lot of bracelets when I'm in a creative mood. I string glass beads onto elastic at the moment and I've sold a fair amount at fairs and on ebay. I try and make at least a small profit but it isn't always possible. I buy all my supplies myself, and I'm very organised with spreadsheets and costs etc. despite hating math (I have a more creative brain I think). I want to start making lots of different kinds of jewellery and appealing to a wide audience to actually get somewhere with it. My ebay page currently has nothing on it but I will be updating it soon. If you are interested in jewellery, take a look :) When I get round to adding some products I will update this and write a journal entry. My ebay name is crystal_petal

I love going out with my friends just to chill or if we go to the cinema or shopping. I like lots of different kinds of films; most except horror. I love watching hip-hop and street dance which is why I love the Step Up films. I also love X-Men but I'm not into comic books or anything like that. I've never gotten into anime and don't ever intend to. I prefer photography as an art.